The First Step

Would you benefit from using a foreign trade zone?

If you can answer “YES” to 3 or more of the following, a Foreign Trade Zone may save your company money and you’ve taken the first step towards setting up inside a FTZ.

  1. Does your company import?
  2. Would you realize a substantial cash flow benefit if you could spread payment of your Custom tariff duties out over time?
  3. Do you eventually export some of your imported products?
  4. Do you process imported items into other products?
  5. Do you do any repackaging or relabeling of imported products?
  6. Do you do any testing or repairing of goods previously exported?
  7. If you import, do you have substantial losses from damaged or defective goods?
  8. Do you manufacture or assemble items using foreign materials or parts?
  9. If you manufacture or assemble using foreign parts or materials, do you eventually export some or all of the finished product?
  10. Do you have substantial scrap or waste from the imported material?
  11. Do you import merchandise subject to quotas?
  12. Do you import items for display?
  13. Are some of your imported items not in compliance with such federal agencies as FDA, DOT, EPA or USDA?
  14. Do you distribute or manufacture goods that are subject to personal property inventory taxes?

Who to contact to begin

To take the first step, please contact us for additional information

Gregg County Airpark
269 Terminal Circle
Longview, TX. 75603
Airport Director
Max Tovar, MBA
Industrial Airpark/Foreign
Trade Zone Marketing
Bradley Kranzman