FTZ Advantages

Advantages of location in the East Texas Foreign Trade Zone

  • Location, location, location
  • Easy and quick access to airport, minus the congestion of flying/operating at larger, busier facilities
  • 10,000ft x 150ft wide ILS runway adjacent to 300 acre industrial airpark and Foreign Trade Zone – the airport’s pro-business FAA Control Tower with radar traffic control –help travelers avoid the hassles of operating in Class B airspace and make operating in-and-out of the airport efficient and trouble-free
  • New, modern terminal facilities and full aircraft turn-around servicing available
  • Cost-effective landing fees – $0.30/1,000lb. vs DFW’s $1.57-$2.15/1,000lb fee
  • Business owners will find Gregg County’s pro-business perspectives easy to work with when it comes to starting-up a new business in the airport’s 300 acre Industrial Airpark and Foreign Trade Zone
  • Airpark commercial sites are adaptable to a wide range of domestic and international business uses – including light manufacturing, corporate offices, warehousing/distribution operations, air cargo and heavy airlift operations, Foreign Trade Zone operations, and freight forwarding
  • The management of the airport and airpark are skilled, successful business persons ready to assist companies to locate in the airpark. This group is skilled at determining the needs of a potential tenant and structuring a package of the airport’s assets to address those needs
  • Businesses locating here may qualify for exemptions from property taxes on buildings, machinery, equipment, inventories and other improvements for up to ten (10) years
  • Various job training programs available, such as the Texas’ Smart Jobs program, pays for training employees in areas of production improvement, supervisory skills, on-the-job training and computer skills

Longview has a lot to offer

  • Airpark located adjacent to airport
  • Bordered by a four-lane state highway with turn-outs
  • Nearby I-20 interstate highway, rail service by three railroad systems, motor  freight service by fourteen national truck lines and the new Canada/USA/Mexico   NAFTA inter-country highway   business corridor
  • Airpark situated 120 miles east of Dallas and 60 miles west of the Port of  Shreveport on I-20
  • Regional population is 208,720 persons; City of Longview population is 75,150  persons with a  major industrial/manufacturing base and eleven (11) colleges and  universities within a sixty mile   radius of Longview
  • Quality Of Life
  • Longview Symphony Orchestra
  • Longview Museum of Fine Arts
  • Longview Ballet Theatre
  • Longview Opera Company
  • Longview Community Theatre
  • Quality hospitals, churches, schools
  • 25 lakes within 75 miles of Longview