East Texas

The East Texas Regional Airpark is located in Longview, nestled in the heart of deep East Texas, undeniably the most beautiful part of the finest state in the nation. Located on Interstate 20 – an hour west of Shreveport, two hours east of Dallas and three hours north of Houston–Longview is perfectly positioned for virtually anything.

Gorgeous surroundings and friendly people make Longview a great place to live, work and play. There’s a “can do” attitude that’s evident throughout the community – an attitude that promises to keep Longview’s quality of life high and opportunities abundant.

With a city population of nearly 75,000 and a regional population of approximately 300,000, opportunities for business flourish in Longview. Local, regional and visitor support of retail outlets, restaurants and hotels is strong. Local industry and the number of supporting companies is growing, bringing more good jobs and individuals and families to the area every day.

Longview’s geographic location is ideal for business with easy access from Interstate 20, U.S. Highways 59, 259 and 80, the Amtrak rail system and the East Texas Regional Airport, which includes a Foreign Trade Zone.

For that and many other reasons, all of Longview’s standard economic indicators have been consistently moving up over the past few years. In fact, revenues, sales tax, employment rates, constructions and home sales and show positive trends on an annual basis.